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„With us you will not have any surprises during NAV tax controls. A good bookkeeper is worth a Jew’s eye.”

In our comfortable office we are waiting for our extant and new clients. We are speaking English to welcome foreign customers as well. The ordinary people approach bookkeeping in two ways usually: ones find it a pain, an unnecessary cost, which is obligatory by the rules. At the same time managers of enterprises, who are active in the business area and who want to act upon the fluctuations of the market have serious expectations with bookkeping and they are right. For all of our clients the price for the bookkeeping services always includes tax-guidance. If you cannot find a way out of the maze of the tax laws or if you want to see correct and accurate numbers or you would like to optimize your taxes, contact us with confidence. The services of our office are bookkeeping, single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping, tax-guidance, tax planning, tax optimization, creating monetary plans, completing labour tasks, wage and state insurance management, wage accounting, making SZJA, EVA, KIVA, KATA tax returns, regulation, precise statements, scale and balance, tax returns, giving reports, representation of the client at the authorities (NAV and TB).

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